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Today I love…

Natural styling by Paulina Arcklin

Natural styling by Paulina ArcklinHello everyone! How are you today? I have a question for you….As it has been no-man’s land (i.e. hardly anyone commenting) since this post (hint hint), it’s difficult to know if my latest blog posts have been of interest to you :-)

I mentioned this before but while analytics are a good tool, ultimately the thing I care the most about is connecting with you guys and knowing which blog posts/content/topic is of interest to you so I can keep writing things you are interested in reading about. Maybe you missed out on this article which admittedly was long but very interesting or yesterday’s interview, which is a fascinating read.

Kate and Nicole kindly explained to me why they were commenting on Instagram rather than here on the blog after reading the post but if you could once in a while leave some feedback, that would be fab!

Back to today’s post…
I really love this natural styling which reminds me of our trip in Portugal. It’s very soothing don’t you think? 
Little by little, I’m changing the decoration in our holidays home in the Bay of Arcachon for something more calming and natural. I’m also waiting for some quotes to see if we can cover the old damaged concrete flooring with two new layers of concrete and paint with a paint that looks like polished concrete. Has anyone done this in their homes?

//Photography: Paulina Arcklin, Turkish edition of Maison Francaise magazine

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  1. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Oh boy.. Have missed this post completely???? It’s right down my lane – so keep it coming please dest ????????????????????

    • Will do Lene! I’m gently moving towards that kind of decoration…although a white sofa in a house we rent during the Summer is not an option I think but if i can do what I want to do with the floorings that will be cool

  2. Sarah says

    I look at the blog everyday but I have to say that commenting leaves me feeling quite exposed! I have been enjoying your posts and I like the variety. I liked the post yesterday and have myself taken our children out of school and travelled with them.Lots of good tips though no one prepares you for the washing! I remember being in Venice but spending the day in an Italian laundromat ! Also we didn’t home school everyday. We also used movies as an educational tool. When in Rome we watched Roman holiday and Gladiator . This prompted discussions about where to visit and how things looked in the past and now. Our kids were 6 and 9. They fitted straight back into school. In fact the teachers commented on how much they seemed to have learnt.

    • Does it!? :-) Well then thanks for leaving such a lovely comment. I used movies as an educational tool too. In Portugal, I was asking a lot of questions to Mila (i.e. the size of the population, the origins of azulejos, etc). If she didn’t know the answers, she had to look up for them in the evening and then the day after we would talk more about it and then compare it to the population in nearby countries. She also very much enjoyed learning how to say hello, goodbye, thank you in Portuguese

  3. I don’t comment as I feel far too old and un stylish to have anything to contribute but I love the glimpses into your life you allow us! Thank you.

  4. I think I find instagram easier to comment on than a blog because I feel like I have to have something more meaningful or insightful to say on a blog post. Whereas on Instagram I feel like it’s easier to write a one sentence ‘joining in the conversation’ type input.
    I think it was the lack of comments that slowly turned me off blogging after loving it in the first place. It felt a bit like I was talking into an empty room.
    I love your posts, seeing what you are into, would love some more travel ones, I’ll be heading to Paris over Easter and have referred back a number of times to your trip there with your daughter.

    • yes me too I feel like when people dont bother commenting, I’m blogging into a black hole but I will keep reminding everyone :-)

      I think going forward I will do more travel posts. Rekindling with photography in Portugal felt really great and really encouraged me to keep pushing. I hardly touched my iPhone which was a first for my family!

  5. I and T says

    Like others I check your blog for updates everyday. I am loving the recent articles. More than usual even. I especially enjoyed yesterday’s article. Thank you and well done!

    • Thanks for letting me know I really appreciate. Since January, I have been aiming to write more in-depth articles with more information & details to take away from them and I’m glad you’re loving the recent articles!

  6. sorry, I too read your posts, but rarely comment. With me is usually time or I have not much to say, apart from repeating myself that was a great post, I found it inspiring etc. Sorry! please keep going:) not sure if you considered to have buttons under the posts, so people can click if they like it? by the way can you start sending out your 5 things I want right now to my husband inbox?:):) have a lovely day!. veronika x

    • Hi Veronika
      Yes I’m looking into this. There is already a share button below each post but it’s not really obvious plus I think it looks outdated so will work out something. I know we are all busy but a bit of feedback once in a while would be fab, just because I spend hours writing these posts and it takes a few seconds to comment :-) Have a great day too

  7. Amanda says

    Hi there. Like others, I always read and enjoy your posts but rarely comment. I can see how frustrating it must be to put so much time and effort into your blog without getting anything back, so I will try harder to comment! I loved reading the interview with Courtney Adamo as we are about to take our family on a (shorter) overseas adventure, travelling from New Zealand to live in Spain for three months and then visit France, Sweden, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. Loved the “slide” widget on your “before and after” story too – very cool! Please keep going – your words and style are always inspiring.

      • Amanda says

        I have an 11-year old son and a 9-year old daughter. Old enough to be able to take everything in and have some long-lasting memories, we hope!

          • Amanda says

            LOL! Our children’s schools have been very supportive. They see that the gains from travelling will far outweigh any learning they might miss at school and have not demanded that we do anything. However, both of them are keen to keep some record of the trip (my daughter wants to write in a journal and my son wants to do something on-line) and we have been given advice on resources to keep them up to date in mathematics, so we will see how we go with that! They are both smart, curious kids working at a high level in their classes so we have a little wriggle room because of that as well :-) I think different countries and even different schools have different requirements and rules about taking kids out of school, so our experience may not be the ‘norm’. Will let you know how it goes!

  8. Valerie Golden says

    Omg I LOVE this blog and your aesthetic! Superb! Please keep it coming.

    Where might I find floor covering like your gray “rough” linen-y looking one pictured above? Please share!!!
    Thank you!

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