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Tu joues ou tu ranges??

This weekend, we are tidying up…

Me: “Mila, you’re playing or you’re tidying!?

Mila: “erm, well I’m playing

Me: “Yeah I see that but we said we would be tidying up your bedroom

Mila: “well that’s too bad, because I’m very busy right now, I’ll do it later

Ce weekend, on range….

Me: “Mila, tu joues ou tu ranges!?

Mila: “ben je joue!

Me: “Oui je vois mais on avait dit qu’on allait ranger ta chambre

Mila: “c’est pas grave parce que la je suis tres occupee, je le ferais plus tard


  1. Does she has a cool poster in her bedroom! I have been thinking about what to hang on the walls a lot lately But have some little ideas popping up now and then ;)

  2. haha what really amuses me is that children tend to do what turns up right that moment, which is great, because they enjoy life to full, at that very moment. so tidying up was´t too uplifting at that point.
    great stuff this.

  3. Cette affiche est splendide ! Le ton du mur est parfait, et cette petite est trop mignonne ! Beau dimanche ;o)

  4. I really love the top image – especially Mila’s top knot and outfit – would you mind if I used the image on my blog? I will obviously link straight back to you! No worries if you’d rather I didn’t xxx

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