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Very excited to be in Harper’s Bazaar

Well this was in the October issue but that how quick I am!
The truth is that things have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to check all our press but yesterday I got an email from Mia-Louise, the talented designer of these beautiful, handmade prints who was over the moon and very grateful that we managed to get her work featured in Harper’s Bazaar. Personally I would like to thank Emma Love who put this Mono Mania featured together. Don’t you love Harper’s Bazaar!? I wish I had copy of this issue :-(

I remember perfectly when Mia-Louise and I started working together. She contacted me to see if I was interested in stocking her prints on B&F and one look at them and I was like……Hellooo!! Yeah! I just thought they were really beautiful and unique. We got them featured first in The Independent around October 2 years ago and gosh…the response was absolutely amazing. I think we were selling something like 40 a week….I was emailing Mia-Louise almost every day to top up our order. In the end, her press didn’t take the pressure and died on her. So she had to find another press to keep the production going so we would get all the prints to customers in time for Xmas….It was really stressful but good stress!
If you want to find out a bit more about Mia-Louise and her work, you can read the interview we did with her.
Bises…I’m off to the restaurant.
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  1. Congratulations on the great piece> Harpers now that is a mag to be proud to be in!!! Sounds like a crazy busy stressy time. But all worth it. Yey

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