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#weprayforparis | LOVE print (C) BODIE and FOU. All Rights ReservedI’m deeply saddened and horrified by what happened last night in Paris and all my thoughts go to the families who lost friends, children, brothers and sisters, parents in these horrible attacks. A friend of mine wanted to attend the concert at The Bataclan but luckily, he couldn’t get a ticket.

I’m also deeply saddened that we have to raise our children in a world where killing seems to be the only answer, surely there is another way!!?

As John Lennon said: “it matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love”

Be safe and be strong. Love to you all xoxo

PS: In observance of the three days of national mourning announced by our French President, the blog will not be updated and all upcoming scheduled posts have been cancelled.



  1. Cynthia says

    The USA is hurting for France. We love you and wish for a speedy return to normalcy and peace. All the best to you and your country.


  2. So sad, an atrocity.
    We have just heard from our French friends, they are ok, one studies in Paris, her daughter a nurse in Paris. They still waiting to hear that other loved ones are safe.
    Hard to imagine, so hard to explain to children.
    Hoping all of your loved ones are safe Karine.
    Bises, Vikki Xx

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