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Weekend in London

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We are back in London for the weekend, catching up with friends, soaking up the city’s wonderful vibes…and sadly temporary “escaping” more bad news.

As Charlie Chaplin said: “Nothing in this world is permanent, not even our troubles” so I wait…I wait for the moment to pass, I wait for this year to end because I’m sincerely hoping that next year will be better and then we can create new, happy memories and I’m listening to “Shake it Off” loudly.

Steve mentioned going on holidays in Sydney last night when we caught up with our friends who are currently living in Singapore and my heart skipped a beat…I would love that…

Right now, the weather is mild and I’m happy we are back together in our home. Have a wonderful weekend guy!


  1. Engracia says

    Karine, so sorry you have had more bad news. I hope your weekend is restful and does give you some respite from the chaos. Steve is right, the weather here is wonderful, skies are blue and it is hot.


  2. Sad to see I’m not the only one eagerly awaiting 2016 and hoping it will be better than 2015. But I guess every year can’t be a good one, right?

    Here’s to 2016 being a better year for both of us :)

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