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Weekend vibes | Beginning of December

Weekend vibes

Weekend vibesHi Guys, I can’t really say I’m in a fantastic shape at the moment. I’m in my 4th week of fighting this damn chest infection, which really leaves me exhausted physically. I sleep a good seven hours each night but feel like I had no sleep at all three hours after getting up. It is so frustrating…
On one hand, my mind feels very alert, almost motivated enough to go for a run, while my body is saying “no way Jose” so I’ve decided to try to finish the year in one piece, take it as easy as much I can and keep my fitness cravings for the new year.

The good news is that I have now received my new pair of glasses and I see things in focus so I have started editing the pictures I took of Aude last Summer in Hossegor (isn’t she beautiful!?) and took new ones of Florian over the weekend when he was teaching the kids to bodyboard (you can see more of them on People from the Sea).


I haven’t started making the ‘happy bucket list” I mentioned here but one thing that is really clear to me is that I really want to spend more time taking photos next year, capturing people’s emotions and learning to edit my photos on Photoshop.
While 2015/2016 were difficult years on so many levels, taking photography and creating images has provided me with huge amount of joy and has helped me somehow, to keep my head above the water during difficult times.
I’m not sure if it is the creative process or focusing on capturing positive, human emotions but I strongly encourage you to find the thing that will make your world better.
It doesn’t matter if you’re not good enough to start with (you will make progress), it doesn’t matter if others are much better than you (focus on your own things). What matters, is that you do something that makes you happy. If it’s great and appreciated by others, that’s the cherry on the cake but the most important thing is that it is appreciated by you.

For those like me who want to improve their photography and editing skills, I strongly recommend watching over and over all the free videos available on Objectif Photographe (in French) and Creative Live and find other tutos on youtube that inspire you. I started trying to edit my photos 10 weeks ago and it’s only after weeks of trials and errors that I finally achieved a result I’m pleased with. What took me 4 hours on a photo at first, is now taking me 20 minutes so don’t give up.

I also wanted to share with you this interview of Grace Bonney, Founder of Design Sponge by Marie Forleo, which I find really interesting and inspiring.

Have a great week. I will try to post again this week xoxo


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