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#weekly fashion edit

#weekly fashion edit: leopard print coat + leather trousers

Every fall season, I lust after something in leopard print like this Clare V. clutch …

Here I wear a pair of leopard heels from Isabel Marant which I grabbed in the sale two Summers ago and I also own a pair of leopard ankle boots from L.K. Bennett bought years ago, which haven’t aged.

So my point is that whatever you invest in this season, leopard print is something that will come back EVERY season.

This season, I bet on this beautiful leopard print coat (1) from Hush, which you can wear over a pair of skinny jeans, pleated skirt or leather trousers (5)

It’s a total matter of personal choice (and age) but when it comes to wear leopard print, I try not to mix it with leather + high heels + red lipstick.
For some reasons, I have this vision of Peggy Mitchell from Eastenders in my head, which will probably means nothing to those outside the UK but I’m very conscious of not looking like that when I wear leopard print.

There is a fine line in looking great and looking a bit “tarty”…and while I think women should wear whatever they want at whatever age they are, I follow a few rules to make it work for me at 40+

Rule #1: If I pair leopard with leather, I aim for a casual look hence a pair of leather trousers + Chelsea boots or Stan Smith or Converse.

Rule #2: When it comes to offsetting a bold leopard print especially on a coat, black is my friend (basic tees, black knits, etc) …I.e a black leather skirt + black tee (2) + leopard heels

Rule #3: I avoid red lipstick and heavy make-up to let the clothes do the talking.

So for this week’s look, I went for a casual look with a nice pair of boots (3) by Common Projects, and a beautiful yet timeless over the shoulder bag

How about you? Do you have any rules/styling tips when it comes to wearing leopard print!?


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  1. Caroline says

    Hi me again! I have read you like comments, so I’m being dutiful ;)
    I love a bit of leopard and totally agree with your style rules. Offsetting bold items against understated always looks more elegant to me.
    I think this kind of aesthetic is something I’m drawn to across all aspects of design really – creating balance between old/new, sharp/rustic, casual/formal, bold/muted…
    If I’m going out for the evening, I usually like to include one casual item in my outfit just to give it a more effortless feel (whether or not I achieve that I don’t know, but I try!!)

    • :-) Thanks Caroline and I agree with you re. interior design. I’m drawn to the same things. I love mixing simple, contemporary lines with vintage objects with textures and character

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