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What are you most 2016 inspiring new resolutions?

2016 new resolutions to keepSo…are you making any new resolutions this year?
Early this month, I decided on my 4 feel-good things to achieve this year but for the nitty gritty, I needed things to sink in first to see what I really wanted to do this year and then I wrote this post and oh boy…..things became a lot clearer!!!

Realising that one of them had been on my list for the past 8 years was really distressful at first. Then I started feeling angry towards myself. How many more years would I waste again!?

So that’s it…my top new resolutions this year are:

1/ Make fitness part of my daily routine
I think I told you this before but I avoided having my picture taken with Mila during the first eight years of her life because I couldn’t stand the sight of me. It was a weight that I was carrying mentally and physically and as you can imagine, as a mum, it was heartbreaking and caused me a huge amount of pain and tears for years until I started making changes in 2013.

Now…I may not have lost a lot of weight over the past two years, mostly because I was still trying to figure out what could be not only healthy but tolerated by my guts (which I think is now under control), but the positive impact on my well-being, skin and self-confidence have been dramatic.
While I can’t change the first 8 years of Mila’s life and the lack of photos, I’m now making up for the lost time and take a lot of mother/daughter photos for us to cherish years to come.

So this year, my big thing is, of course, to carry on all the healthy habits have been nurturing for the past two years but pushing myself harder physically with HIIT and cardio exercices and be patient for the love of God! I put all this weight on, in 9 months so why on earth do I expect it to all go after 4 weeks of training!!

2/ Stop eating gluten completely
It took me years to figure out that gluten was mostly what made me look like a 9-month pregnant woman. I have been raised on French baguettes!
While some women need to wear glasses after their pregnancy, I developed a guts intolerance for some food and it took me a long time and lots of trials and errors to figure out what was good for me. Sometimes even what was healthy to most people was not to my body. Now I’m aware of most of the food that will trigger a massive bloating reaction and while I have to watch my consumption of sugars and dairy, gluten is still the one that makes the most damage. Since my diet is about 90% gluten-free now, I would love it to be 100% gluten-free. It doesn’t seem like a bit of stretch until I smell fresh, warm bread…

3/ Create a weekly date ritual with Steve 
We have created a few family rituals around Mila, like family movie on Sunday afternoon, pancakes at weekend except on Pancake Day (our time off!), having breakfasts together every day but Steve and I have been pretty bad at keeping our date nights together. This month, I started making the most of Orange Wednesday still running in France…So far we went once to the cinema, the following week I was in Paris, the third week I totally forgot and this week, Steve is in London

How about you? Have you made any resolutions this year? 


  1. Have you seen La Tartine Gourmande cookbook by Beatrice Peltre? A Frenchwoman living in Boston, all beautiful gluten free recipes and so creative. Just the thing for inspiration!

  2. Thanks for sharing Karine,
    I suffer from seemingly the same post pregnancy body issues and I hardly have any photos of myself and the kids because of the same reason, which I am very sad about. I grew up on a lot of bread and butter in Sweden (and it’s still my pitfall when I go back home (all that delicious bread & cheese during long family breakfasts..gaaah : o), but gluten and dairy sadly do not agree with my body at all and I am also working on going gluten/dairy free. Have also started the year on a very sporty note, and its just great to slowly feel the strength returning (and hopefully a fitter body shape will follow too, just have to be patient like you said ; )
    Anyway, sorry for the rambling but just wanted to thank you again for sharing, it was very encouraging and inspirational to read.
    Here’s to a healthy and strong 2016 with lots of endorphin kicks : )
    Sofia xx

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