What they say…

“Karine Candice is a French expat living in London who shares her inspirations, life and all-around creative ingenuity with the world via this blog. Go to the My Home section and sigh at the beauty of her residences (note the plural there). Then click on other links to check out the wonders she’s worked in different rooms – the naff old kitchen cupboards that she has transformed with black paint and a stainless-steel worktop, the charcoal-grey daughter’s nursery, the old pallet turned into a chic (no, really) coffee table. THE TELEGRAPH

“A French girl with Norwegian heritage, married to a Kiwi and living in London, Karine Köng loves to fill her home with family mementoes and personal touches, proving that white, design-conscious interior can be welcoming and family friendly too.” RED MAGAZINE

“If you love European design and interiors, then you’ll like this find: a blog and an online store by the super cute sisters, Elodie & Karine Kong. BODIE and FOU is originally a business, an online store featuring some of the most stylish, contemporary European designs for the home and some of the World’s finest luxury gift ideas, but then Elodie and Karine added a blog which they call their “little black book”. The sisters’ enthusiasm for connecting people to great resources comes through and you get the feeling that their store benefits from this spirit.” APARTMENT THERAPY

“She swears by green smoothies, a good cry and quotes Galaxy Quest in the same breath as Steve Jobs. An hour in the refreshingly honest company of Karine Köng, Founder & Creative Director of online concept store BODIE and FOU is just what we need to kick off the year” NETTEMENT CHIC

“I’ve watched and admired so much your online store, blog, lifestyle, and openness with huge amounts of admiration. I hope 2016 brings you much happiness, health and exciting new adventures. “ Nicole, Reader

“Je suis très sensible à tout ce que vous écrivez et partagez. Je suis une grande “fan”, j’aime pas trop ce mot habituellement, mais vous m’avez beaucoup inspiré cette année avec le Nutribullet, le programme de Kayla, essayer d’adopter une healthy Life, et la déco évidemment!) Dans le partage de vos émotions, vous semblez très naturelle et spontanée et surtout pleine de générosité!  Ça fait du bien de parcourir vos différents posts via IG quotidiennement!” Delphine, Lectrice

“Just a little email to say I absolutely adore the store, the whole vibe, the blog, the Pinterest and absolutely everything BODIE and FOU. I’m finding myself obsessed with it more than a normal person should be, I just love it so thanks for being inspiring and having an amazing online presence” Fiona, Reader

“Thank you. You are my inspiration! My family is a lot happier since I discovered your blog :-)” Ana, Reader

“Do you know that in the past week you have found me somewhere to stay for our holiday, I’ve bought a jumper you’ve suggested, and now you’ve shown me a solution to all the frames that I too have leaning against my walls. You’re like my personal assistant 😂” Caroline, Reader

Hi Karine, just thought I’d give you some feedback as I bought a bedding set for our bed from Piglet in Bed having read your post. I really did shop around but this brand seemed a good balance of quality and price – plus it had your seal of approval!! Anyway, I totally love it! In fact I ended up buying for every bed in the house as they had 25% off last Friday. Only downside is it’s harder to get out of bed in the mornings now :-)” Caroline, Reader