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WHITES 06 | 2014

Gosh I love a Bank Holidays weekend!!
Besides the obvious 3-day weekend, I love the delightful, exciting feeling that we are skiving work on Monday and have an extra day to potter around our homes and do some creative things…

And pottering around is definitively what I’m going to do this weekend.
We are finally starting the renovations in our home in 2 weeks (yeah!!!) so this weekend, the boys are taking our kitchen apart and I will clear our home further (expect a few things to pop up on Instagram and Ebay!)

Talking about clearing, my sister sent me this article from Oprah Does this clutter make my butt look fat?
Being an emotional eater, it stroke a few chords with me but it also has some interesting points about how we hang onto things of the past and clutter our lives with old emotions.
It is true, isn’t it!?
Since January, I have been clearing things we’ve accumulated for the past 9 years when Mila was born. Although I noticed that sometimes throwing stuff, was raising a great deal of emotions (and not always easy ones as you would suspect), most of the time it felt really good and liberating.
Once thing I was holding onto, was Mila’s baby clothes for baby no 2 but the truth is, baby no 2 is not coming. We have been trying for two years and I have now decided to let go rather than hanging onto something that saddens me deeply.
At the end of the day I have a great family. I have an amazing child who makes me laugh on a daily basis. I have an amazing partner and I have decided to focus on what I have rather than what I don’t have and Be Happy ;-)
On these words of wisdom, I wish you an amazing weekend whatever you do. Bises

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  1. Good for you Karine. I am too in the deep stages of decluttering. I am saving a box for each child of my favourite pieces and everything else is gone. It’s hard though. I am an emotional eater and a tiny bit of a hoarder and really i just want to be minimal and white. They fight against each other a lot. Sending love xx

  2. How exciting! I love renovations. The work can be daunting, but the end result is so rewarding.

    I live in small house, by American standards, it’s a two bedroom one bath built in the 50s with loads of character. There are four of us and clutter is a constant battle. I have a son and daughter that currently share a room, however, we are just beginning to look for a new home since they are getting to the age that they need their own space. Although it’s exciting to think of having more space, I also dread it wondering how much more we will accumulate.

  3. Vicky C. says

    Wow, I love the bags! I found your blog looking how to decorate with old suitcases. I love your picture.
    Great post. I tried to find similar lamps to the ones you show here and found some here:
    I’m so glad I found your blog, you have great stuff here. Congrats.

  4. Sometimes it is harder than we think to let go, others cathartic. I recently read The Joy of Less, great read.

    Ditto the above comment, the wanting of a child is as strong for a second or third child as it is for a first.

    Oh, I bought the Mango jumpsuit you featured. Love, love, love it, so thank you! Vikki, xx

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