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A wonderful & fun boat trip to the Cap-Ferret

A wonderful & inspiring back garden

A wonderful & fun boat trip to the Cap-FerretTwo days ago, Mila and I took the boat to spend the day with Catherine who was staying with friends in the Cap-Ferret.
Taking a boat trip to the Cap-Ferret for the day is one of my favourite thing when I’m in the Bay of Arcachon. It feels like a mini adventure and it’s a really nice way to spend the day and do something completely different.
You can get a ride from Le Moulleau, Pyla or Arcachon and crossings varies between 20 min and an hour and will drop you at different spots on the island. You can also take your bikes on the boat. Personally in Summer, I’d rather do this than being stuck in traffic on the way back. A wonderful & fun boat trip to the Cap-FerretI got totally inspired by the back garden of the house…
White facade, light grey shutters and a magical garden with a wonderful cabane to sleep in down the bottom. It feels like a little piece of heaven A wonderful & fun boat trip to the Cap-FerretGlowing at 40+I had planned to return on the 7pm boat but in the end, Steve joined us on his bike and we all had diner together so Mila and I took the last boat at midnight. One thing that was much appreciated, was that I just had to pay an extra 4 euros to get the evening fare and not buy a brand new ticket. Have a great weekend!



  1. Karen says

    Just stunning Karine…the trip sounds lovely, seriously good summer days! X

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