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Yes to great adventures, leather jackets & road trip

Yes to great adventures, leather jackets and road trip

Great adventures were exactly what I thought six weeks ago…I was racking my brain to come up with meaningful new resolutions and started thinking about the things that made me really happy in 2016, which was quite a tough year.
One thing that stood out, was our family trip to Grândola in Portugal last February when I picked up my camera again and never put it back ever since.

Since Mila was off to 10 days in Morocco surfing with her club and she didn’t want us around, I suggested Steve we go back to Portugal.
He liked the idea but wanted to take his bike down there so he suggested to drive down with the trailer.
I couldn’t be asked to drive with the trailer in toe so I suggested to ride his bike. Family decision making = 5 minutes…we were off to Portugal.

It’s always quite sunny in that little head of mine so I didn’t really think that it would be February and not quite the Summer temperatures I’m used to when I ride behind him but nevermind I was excited…Yes to great adventures, leather jackets and road tripWe took off this morning at 8am and let me tell you that while I wished my eyes could have taken a photo of the beautiful sunrise through the fog, it wasn’t a fun ride. Riding through zero degree for an hour was painfully cold.
We first went to Bordeaux airport to say goodbye to Mila who was getting a lift by car and then head down to Spain through San Sebastian, Vitoria, Burgos and finally stopped in Valladolid after driving 638 kms!!Yes to great adventures, leather jackets and road tripYes to great adventures, leather jackets and road tripYes to great adventures, leather jackets and road trip

Steve is not new to long rides. He has gone on long, gruelling trips to South America and Iran but I hadn’t done a long bike ride since my Uni days when my boyfriend at the time and I did Bordeaux-London. Anyway, besides being very cold at times, it was a good ride.

I hadn’t booked an hotel for tonight as we were not sure how far we would go on the first day but we sat in a little café, found a very good 4*** hotel on at a very good price. If you click on this link, you can get £15 OFF your next booking.

After a nice, hot shower and room service, I’m feeling OK and quite proud of the achievement. Tomorrow, we are heading to Lisbon to spend four days in a gorgeous loft and if you are interested in a portrait session, please do get in touch.

After that, we will head to the beach in Comporta for five days then head back to France via Madrid to be back in time for Mila’s return. See you on Instagram!


Before I left, I set up a new Facebook page for my portrait photography and if you love/like what I do, it would mean a lot if you could like it and share it with your friends xoxo

//Photography be me. Steve is wearing a leather jacket from Daytona 73



  1. I came to look for interior ideas and found another love, Bikes are great and I am planning a trip around South Africa in the nearish future. I have never seen the garden route so think it’s time, but Victoria falls is also on the apocalist.

  2. Kike suelos IPE says

    I get really nostalgic when I see these pics of the biker… I had to sell mine because nowadays I cannot travel so much, but I still got my leather clothing. One could think that these are clothes for youngs, but for my suprise don’t look bad on an aged man – maybe tighter. Excellent blog!!!

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