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You are fringe or pas fringe?

Yesterday I was showing an old photo of me to Mila on which I had a fringe…
Mila: “You were a lot nicer with a fringe…”
Me: “ah bon? I don’t look like nice now?”
Mila: “si… but you were nicer with a fringe, it suits you better”
My father used to tell me all the time when I was a teen that short hair suited me better so I see that having an opinion on my hairdo or the lack of it runs in the family.To be honest, I had the fringe for a few years so I quite fancy a change. I took a photo to my hairdresser before flying to New-Zealand and felt like bombing the place when I came out but hey, I was off to the beach so I thought I could live with it.

Secretly I long to look like the girl on photo no 2…genre I’ve just came out of bed looking damn sexy.

Having a fringe has a few advantages:
1/ It hides small wrinkles and expression lines on the forehead
2/ It’s the only thing I manage to style properly when blowing my hair dry,
3/ And it makes you look younger.
So what do you think? Fringe ou pas fringe?

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  1. Hello thank u for the good tipps about to have a fringe! At the moment i don’t have a fringe but lately i thout about if i should do it or not… so for now i think i should go immediately to the bathroom and do a fringe for all the good reasons you gave me! ha, ha….
    b.t.w. i like bodieandfou – style!!!

  2. Know how you feel about bombing the place[though not that extreme lol] as I haven`t had a good haircut for awhile now but stick to bangs/fringe as for reason #1…they hide my wrinkles but when they grow out just push them to the sides and ok with that too.

  3. I think I prefer dentists to hairdressers to be honest Melanie :-)
    The one who did my hair before Xmas was replacing my usual stylist and frankly its the last time I leave him to touch my hair but anyway, I think I’m gonna go back to the fringe

  4. J’adore les franges, mais je n’ai jamais vraiment pu en porter car j’avais un épi juste devant et, du coup, la frange tombait mal. Mais, en vieillissant, l’épi semble avoir disparu (!?) et je vais tenter ; d’une part mon visage est très long et je pense que ça l’adoucira un peu et puis, comme tu dis, ça rajeunit !

  5. I like fringe and I had it for several years, but last couple of years I have been without a fringe. Now I have been thinking a lot about cutting a fringe again. But the problem is that I have naturally wavy (or even curly) hair so my fringe looks good only after proper styling in the morning… but being at home with a little baby doesn’t sound like having time for hair styling every morning. So I can not decide what to do!

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